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A brief Introduction of Johannes the founder of Wild Feder 

My name is Johannes Wirnsberger. I was born in Carinthia, up on a small magical mountain called 'Danielsberg' where once up on a time my Celtic ancestors lived and recognize this place as a sacred ritual place. The Celtic people did there offerings at this secret place to give thanks to the great spirit and to always stay connected with where they came from. To live a nature-connected life and to preserve the forests was important to those tribes. To pass onto the next generation the connection they had with this place and the gifts of the forests was their greatest passion. I was raised in this magical place for the first 7 years of my life. Fully immersed in nature surrounded by six beautiful siblings and mindful, loving parents. I always felt very grateful to have the privilege to grow up in a very nature connected lifestyle with pristine air, water and a mother and father who cared a lot about how and what to feed us, their family, in body, mind and spirit!

I continued to live a free, happy and healthy childhood in many different locations in Austria. School was fun but also ruff time because we had to go through that one way schooling system if we liked it or not. Up and downs we experience by going to European school, learning a profession, first relationship and so on. When I was 17 I became profoundly inspired by an incredible story of a good friend who changed his lifestyle and nutrition completely. To make it short: He went from super-sick to super-healthy! By getting reminded to many truth through conversations with my mother and the books she recommended, he started to change his habits and became a superhero in his 50's. This was the perfect moment to do the first step into my full potential and to really start embodying the vision from within. From that day on I started my journey with natural lifestyle and nutrition and experimented my way through all kinds of diets and ideas. How and what is the best way possible to live this life in a way to feel healthy and thriving.
Now, over a 
decade later I feel it's time to share my experiences I had with diet, nutrition and lifestyle. It became very clear to me that the elderly, ancestral, indigenous ways carry the truth. All those tribal people still do and know how to nurture the human body, mind and spirit! And how to treat our surrounding 'Nature' and other beings in the best way possible. We have developed a extremely sophisticated technology which complies with the first law of our natural world, which is 'Abundance'! But we can apply it in a sustainably way only by honouring the ancient traditional knowledge. Using our great consciousness to merge carefully selected technologies with the ancient wisdom - for humankind and their basic, fundamental needs.

This is the life I choose and which I want to inspire others to live - for a healthy and thriving Nature and all its beautiful wild beings, Children, Adults and Elders!

What is Wild Feder?

'Wild Feder' found me in the Forest and gifted me with infinite empowerment to share it's magic. I wandered through the Forest in Austria on a Chaga-quest, with the question in my mind - WHAT IS MY MISSION HERE IN AUSTRIA?. As always the Forest had the answers provided and Wild Feder's was born. Wild Feder is here to remind us to the wild magic of the forest. We are creating the most pristine, authentic products from our local eco-systems to offer you a wide range of natures most powerfull health nutrients. We like to see the future of our homeland's with more and more wild pristine forest's. Wild Feder's mission is to reach as many people as possible to share the lost knowledge. How to merge with the natural world and to remember that you are a perfectnatural healthy being. By doing so, we automatically give back to our natural world around us and support it's internal and external recovery process. Now is the time to become aware that we life because we still have some of our forests left. Every healthy ecosystem is full of magical gifts! So lets get out there and connect to the Forest to protect our wild Nature!

Nature provides the most powerful gifts
to remind our body, mind and spirit! That we are a perfect idea of creation.



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